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Project NameNameAvailabilityAcreageCityCounty
Demazie HollowTract 1 - Demazie Hollow on Shawnee ForestSold5.01StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 10 - Demazie Hollow on Shawnee State ParkSold5.01StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 2 - Demazie Hollow on Shawnee ForestSold5.01StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 3 with Camper - Demazie Hollow on Shawnee State ForestSold5.01StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 4 - Demazie Hollow on Shawnee State ForestSold5.01StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 5 - Demazie Hollow on Shawnee State ForestSold5.02StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 6 - Demazie HollowSold5.01StoutAdams
Demazie HollowTract 8 - Demazie HollowSold5.01StoutAdams
Chase McGrathTract 1 – Chase RoadSold5.06AthensAthens
Chase McGrathTract 6 - McGrath RoadSold14.15AthensAthens
Chase McGrathTract 8 – McGrath RoadSold5.01AthensAthens
Hunter RetreatHunter RetreatSold5.20MillfieldAthens
Hunter's HavenHunter's HavenSold8.70MillfieldAthens
Pedigo RidgeTract 1 – The Woods at Pedigo RidgeSold6.14New MarshfieldAthens
Pedigo RidgeTract 2 - The Woods at Pedigo RidgeSold6.09New MarshfieldAthens
Pedigo RidgeTract 3 – The Woods at Pedigo RidgeSold5.10New MarshfieldAthens
Pedigo RidgeTract 5 - Pedigo RidgeSold6.45New MarshfieldAthens
Pedigo RidgeTract 6 - The Woods at Pedigo RidgeSold12.07New MarshfieldAthens
Featherstone CreekviewFreedom View CabinSold5.27StewartAthens
Featherstone CreekviewLot 4 at Creekview RetreatSold5.70StewartAthens
Featherstone CreekviewTract 2 at CreekviewSold5.05StewartAthens
Winner Lane19393 Winner Lane - Winner LnSold10.20StewartAthens
Winner LaneSerenity Cabin at Winner LaneSold5.63StewartAthens
Winner LaneTimber View Cabin at Winner LaneSold9.22StewartAthens
Winner LaneTract 2 - Winner LaneSold6.23StewartAthens
Winner LaneTract 4 – Bobcat Cabin at The Woods at Winner LaneSold12.08StewartAthens
Dent Road554 Dent RdSold16.37SunburyDelaware
Dent RoadDent Road, Sunbury OHSold23.85SunburyDelaware
Dent RoadTract 1 - Dent Road FarmSold8.06SunburyDelaware
Dent RoadTract 4 - Dent Road FarmSold9.12SunburyDelaware
Dent RoadTract 7 - Dent Road Farm Sold6.72SunburyDelaware
Howard Rd EstatesTract 3A - Howard Rd EstatesSold2.19SunburyDelaware
Howard Rd EstatesTract 3B - Howard Rd EstatesSold2.43SunburyDelaware
Howard Rd EstatesTract 3C - Howard Rd EstatesSold2.18SunburyDelaware
Busey Road7450 Busey Rd NWSold2.58Canal WinchesterFairfield
Busey RoadTract 2 - Busey RoadSold1.39Canal WinchesterFairfield
Zangmeister2.483 Ac Salem Church RoadSold2.48Canal WinchesterFairfield
Zangmeister33 Acres Lithopolis RoadSold33.00Canal WinchesterFairfield
Hayden RunHayden Run WoodsSold8.30HilliardFranklin
Weber Walker FarmTract 12 at Weber Walker FarmSold7.13HilliardFranklin
Possum Trot1612 Possum Trot RdSold5.03GallipolisGallia
Possum TrotHunter’s HideawaySold17.82GallipolisGallia
Possum TrotThe Cave at Oil HollowSold10.72GallipolisGallia
Possum TrotTract 3 – Possum TrotSold5.60GallipolisGallia
Possum TrotTract 4 – Possum TrotSold7.50GallipolisGallia
Possum TrotWhitetail Retreat at Possum TrotSold21.84GallipolisGallia
Hull Road1790 Hull RoadSold5.00PatriotGallia
Wayne National Retreat1072 State Route 233Sold5.11PatriotGallia
Wayne National RetreatCreek View Cabin on WayneSold5.04PatriotGallia
Wayne National RetreatTiny Cabin on Wayne National RetreatSold5.00PatriotGallia
Wayne National RetreatTract 2 - Wayne National RetreatSold5.00PatriotGallia
Wayne National RetreatTract 3 - Wayne National RetreatSold5.15PatriotGallia
Wayne National RetreatTract 4 – Wayne National RetreatSold5.74PatriotGallia
McCarley1157 McCarley RoadSold6.05VintonGallia
McCarley1165 McCarley RoadSold5.10VintonGallia
McCarley1190 McCarley RoadSold6.26VintonGallia
McCarley1205 McCarley RoadSold5.10VintonGallia
McCarley1258 McCarley RoadSold5.53Vinton Gallia
McCarley156 Fish Pond RoadSold7.40VintonGallia
McCarley3110 Alice RoadSold5.10VintonGallia
McCarley3144 Alice RoadSold5.10VintonGallia
McCarley3160 Alice RoadSold5.10VintonGallia
McCarley3186 Alice RoadSold5.10VintonGallia
ConradHocking Hills RetreatSold16.08ConradHocking
ConradHocking Hills Retreat - Tract 1Sold5.23ConradHocking
ConradHocking Hills Retreat - Tract 2Sold5.25ConradHocking
Creek ViewTract 1 - Creek ViewSold11.49LoganHocking
Creek ViewTract 4 at Creek View FarmsSold11.69LoganHocking
Creek ViewTract 5 - Creek ViewSold7.81LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 1 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold6.17LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 3 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold23.13LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 4 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold22.71LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 6 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold5.03LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 7 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold6.02LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 8 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold5.23LoganHocking
Feathers RoadTract 9 - The Views at Feathers Ridge FarmSold5.13LoganHocking
Majestic RidgeMajestic RidgeSold33.87LoganHocking
Blue CreekTract 3 - The Woods at Blue CreekSold6.35South BloomingvilleHocking
Blue CreekTract 5 - Blue CreekSold7.58South BloomingvilleHocking
Harrison RoadSerenity Woods Cabin at Harrison RoadSold7.35JacksonJackson
Harrison RoadStone Bluff WoodsSold11.00JacksonJackson
Harrison RoadTimber View Cabin at Harrison RoadSold5.01JacksonJackson
Harrison RoadTract 1 at Harrison RoadSold5.39JacksonJackson
Harrison RoadTract 2 at Harrison RoadSold6.48JacksonJackson
Harrison RoadTract 3 at The Woods at Harrison RoadSold8.16JacksonJackson
Harrison RoadTract 6 at The Woods at Harrison RoadSold5.18JacksonJackson
Horton SistersThe Cabin at Horton SistersSold17.80JacksonJackson
RayvilleCoalton Wildlife RetreatSold2.03JacksonJackson
RayvilleCoalton Wildlife RetreatSold2.21JacksonJackson
RayvilleTract 3 - Raysville RoadSold2.39JacksonJackson
SR 139 FarmHidden Cabin in the WoodsSold17.70Oak HillJackson
SR 139 FarmTract 1 - SR 139 FarmSold18.62Oak HillJackson
SR 139 FarmTract 3 - SR 139 FarmSold22.72Oak HillJackson
Tennant AcresThe Cabin at Tennant AcresSold6.61RayJackson
Tennant AcresTract 2 - Tennant AcresSold6.56RayJackson
Orpheus RidgeApple RidgeSold5.20ThurmanJackson
Orpheus RidgeBarndominium Cabin at Smokey HollowSold9.51ThurmanJackson
Orpheus RidgeOrpheus Rd Mini FarmSold5.37ThurmanJackson
Orpheus RidgeOrpheus Ridge FarmSold4.22ThurmanJackson
Orpheus RidgeTract 4 Orpheus RidgeSold4.29ThurmanJackson
Orpheus RidgeTract 6 Orpheus RidgeSold4.90ThurmanJackson
Mohawk Coal2169 Mohawk Coal Rd, Wellston, OHSold7.92WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowPonderosa Cabin - Tract 12Sold6.11WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowThe Caves at Number 12 HollowSold7.66WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowTract 1 - Number 12 HollowSold18.75WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowTract 13 - Number 12 HollowSold5.25WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowTract 4 - Number 12 HollowSold22.76WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowTract 5 at Number 12 HollowSold13.87WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowTract 8 - Number 12 HollowSold5.50WellstonJackson
Number 12 HollowTract 9 - Number 12 HollowSold10.36WellstonJackson
Flat Lick ForestFlat Lick ForestSold705.00Flat LickKnox
Rankin Meadows16700 National RoadSold5.13GlenfordLicking
Rankin Meadows16726 National RoadSold5.20GlenfordLicking
Rankin MeadowsTract 13 - Rankin MeadowsSold5.13GlenfordLicking
Mill StreetTract 2 - Creek View Estates at Mill StreetSold10.13PataskalaLicking
Blue JacketBlue JacketSold5.00BellefontaineLogan
Whitetail RunWhitetail RunSold26.34CaledoniaMarion
CallawayTract 1 at The Caves at CallawaySold5.14CoolvilleMeigs
CallawayTract 2 at The Caves at CallawaySold5.00CoolvilleMeigs
CallawayTract 3 at The Caves at CallawaySold5.04CoolvilleMeigs
CallawayTract 5 at The Caves at CallawaySold5.20CoolvilleMeigs
Buck Run35648 Buck Run Road, Langsville, OHSold10.63LangsvilleMeigs
Buck Run35683 Buck Run RoadSold5.34LangsvilleMeigs
Buck Run35769 Buck Run RoadSold5.16LangsvilleMeigs
Buck Run35816 Buck Run RoadSold12.30LangsvilleMeigs
Buck Run35817 Buck Run RoadSold5.08LangsvilleMeigs
Buck Run35841 Buck Run RoadSold5.17LangsvilleMeigs
Buck Run35887 Buck Run RdSold5.13LangsvilleMeigs
Buck RunRidge Top CabinSold5.08LangsvilleMeigs
Buck RunTract 1 - The Woods at Buck RunSold5.14LangsvilleMeigs
Buck RunTract 2 - The Woods at Buck RunSold5.04LangsvilleMeigs
Buck RunTract 8 - The Woods at Buck RunSold5.65LangsvilleMeigs
Buck RunTract 9 - Buck RunSold5.08LangsvilleMeigs
Hampton Woods32317 Hampton Hollow RdSold2.00LangsvilleMeigs
Hampton WoodsHampton View CabinSold5.11LangsvilleMeigs
Hampton WoodsTract 1 - Hampton WoodsSold2.00LangsvilleMeigs
Hampton WoodsTract 2 - Hampton WoodsSold2.49LangsvilleMeigs
Ohio River CabinOhio River CabinSold9.90Long BottomMeigs
State Park10.5 Ac State Park RetreatSold10.50Long BottomMeigs
Deer RidgeBlack Berry Hill Cabin at Deer RidgeSold5.66VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeGetaway cabin at Deer RidgeSold5.00VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeHilltop Cabin at Deer RidgeSold10.79VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeOverlook Cabin at Deer RidgeSold5.51VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeSeclusion Cabin - Tract 3 at Deer RidgeSold5.00VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeSunrise Cabin at Deer RidgeSold11.32VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 13 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold5.03VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 15 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold15.29VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 16 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold12.20VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 18 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold16.28VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 2 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold15.70VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 6 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold17.33VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeTract 7 - The Views at Deer RidgeSold25.00VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeValley View Cabin at Deer RidgeSold5.00VintonMeigs
Deer RidgeWhitetail Retreat Cabin at Deer RidgeSold5.11VintonMeigs
Scenic MeadowsTract 1 – Scenic MeadowsSold6.36VintonMeigs
Scenic MeadowsTract 4 – Scenic MeadowsSold5.65VintonMeigs
Scenic MeadowsTract 5 - Scenic MeadowsSold18.53VintonMeigs
Mans Fork CreekHidden Cabin On The ParkSold5.30McConnelsvilleMorgan
Mans Fork CreekState Park CabinSold5.00McConnelsvilleMorgan
Mans Fork CreekThe Cabin at Mans ForkSold5.30McConnelsvilleMorgan
Mans Fork CreekThe Cabin on Mans Fork CreekSold10.00McConnelsvilleMorgan
Mans Fork CreekThe Woods at Mans Fork Creek Tract 4Sold5.00McConnelsvilleMorgan
Mans Fork CreekTract 1 - The Woods at Mans Fork CreekSold17.03McConnelsvilleMorgan
Cedar ForkCedar ForkSold3.20BellvilleMorrow
Whetstone CreekWhetstone CreekSold12.23CardingtonMorrow
Bennington Pastures5666 Township Road 191Sold10.50MarengoMorrow
Bennington PasturesTract 1 - Bennington PasturesSold11.70MarengoMorrow
Bennington PasturesTract 2 - Bennington PasturesSold10.50MarengoMorrow
Bennington PasturesTract 6 - Bennington PasturesSold5.00MarengoMorrow
Bennington PasturesTract 7 - Bennington PasturesSold5.00MarengoMorrow
Bennington PasturesTract 8 - Bennington PasturesSold5.00MarengoMorrow
Bennington PasturesTract 9 - Bennington PasturesSold6.24MarengoMorrow
The Views at Blue Rock6880 Shaver Road, Blue Rock, OH 43720Sold6.12Blue RockMuskingum
The Views at Blue RockThe Barn at Blue RockSold5.00Blue RockMuskingum
The Views at Blue RockTract 1 – The Views at Blue RockSold7.68Blue RockMuskingum
The Views at Blue RockTract 2 – The Views at Blue RockSold6.12Blue RockMuskingum
Wild Woods CabinSold21.30ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockBig Rock Cabin - The Woods at Blue RockSold5.00ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockSportsman Cabin at Blue RockSold5.00ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockStone Ridge Cabin at Blue RockSold10.27ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 10 - The Woods at Blue RockSold5.00ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 11 - The Woods at Blue RockSold5.25ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 13 - The Woods at Blue RockSold5.33ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 14 - The Woods at Blue RockSold5.00ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 3 - The Woods at Blue RockSold20.01ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 4 - The Woods at Blue RockSold5.00ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockTract 6 - The Woods at Blue RockSold20.01ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Blue RockWilderness Lodge at Blue RockSold5.00ChandlersvilleMuskingum
RidgeviewTract 6 - The Woods at RidgeviewSold5.13ChandlersvilleMuskingum
Perry Ridge 2Tract A at Perry RidgeSold20.24CrooksvilleMuskingum
Pear OrchardBlue Bird Cabin at Pear OrchardSold5.68DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardCountrytyme Getaway Cabin Sold7.69DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardDream Cabin - Tract 2 - Pear OrchardSold5.48DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardHunters Cabin at Pear Orchard - Tract 8Sold5.18DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardKing of The Hill Cabin at Pear OrchardSold5.02DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardThe Retreat Cabin at Pear Orchard - Tract 6Sold7.25DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardTract 4 - The Woods at Pear OrchardSold6.70DresdenMuskingum
Pear OrchardTract 9 - The Woods at Pear OrchardSold5.02DresdenMuskingum
Back RunHawk’s Nest CabinSold6.51PhiloMuskingum
Back RunHawk’s View Cabin Sold6.53PhiloMuskingum
Back RunTract 1 - Muskingum WoodsSold5.06PhiloMuskingum
Back RunTract 3 - Muskingum WoodsSold6.93PhiloMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsBluebird Cabin at Muskingum WoodsSold7.09RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsThe Overlook Cabin at Muskingum WoodsSold5.01RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsTract 10 – Muskingum WoodsSold20.01RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsTract 11 - Muskingum WoodsSold5.02RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsTract 16 - Muskingum WoodsSold21.47RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsTract 4 - Muskingum WoodsSold5.30RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsTract 5 - Muskingum WoodsSold5.36RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsTract 6 - Muskingum WoodsSold5.04RosevilleMuskingum
Muskingum WoodsWhitetail Hollow Cabin at Muskingum WoodsSold6.40RosevilleMuskingum
Bohemian WoodsThe Caves at Bohemian WoodsSold15.36CorningPerry
Bohemian WoodsThe Pond at Bohemian WoodsSold9.49CorningPerry
Bohemian WoodsTract 1 - Bohemian WoodsSold4.00CorningPerry
Bohemian WoodsTract 2 - Bohemian WoodsSold5.70CorningPerry
Bohemian WoodsTract 3 - Bohemian WoodsSold10.20CorningPerry
Township 331A-Frame of Mind CabinSold6.90CorningPerry
Crooksville 2.5 Acres2.5 Ac ParadiseSold2.50CrooksvillePerry
Perry OaksHilltop Cabin at Perry OaksSold6.51CrooksvillePerry
Perry OaksTract 3 - Perry OaksSold7.53CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2Black Diamond Cabin at Perry RidgeSold5.28CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2Blue Bird Cabin at Perry RidgeSold2.23CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2Lot 1 at Perry RidgeSold2.90CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2Lot 5 at Perry RidgeSold6.18CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2Lot 8 at Perry RidgeSold8.95CrooksvillePerry
Longhenry Ponds2022 Township Road 131 SESold7.44Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 10 - Longhenry PondsSold19.86Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 12 - Longhenry PondsSold5.02Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 13 - Longhenry PondsSold23.79Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 14 - Longhenry PondsSold8.39Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 16 - Longhenry PondsSold14.11Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 3 - Longhenry PondsSold7.90Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 4 - Longhenry PondsSold10.30Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 5 - Longhenry PondsSold7.50Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 8 - Longhenry PondsSold10.35Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 9 - Longhenry PondsSold5.27Junction CityPerry
Pines at MainesvillePines at Mainesville RetreatSold28.63Junction CityPerry
Pines at MainesvilleThe Pines at Mainesville- Tract 4Sold3.12Junction CityPerry
Pines at MainesvilleThe Pines at Mainesville- Tract 7Sold4.96Junction CityPerry
Pines at MainesvilleThe Pines at Mainesville-Tract 2Sold2.47Junction CityPerry
Pines at MainesvilleThe Pines at Mainesville-Tract 3Sold2.82Junction CityPerry
Pines at MainesvilleTract 6 - The Pines at MainesvilleSold4.02Junction CityPerry
Longhenry PondsTract 7 - Longhenry PondsSold14.50Junction City, OH Perry
Wesley TrailsWesley TrailsSold15.02Mt PerryPerry
New Lexington1401 Township Road 262ASold10.40New LexingtonPerry
New LexingtonTract 1A – New Lexington WoodsSold14.80New LexingtonPerry
New LexingtonTract 1B – New Lexington WoodsSold11.58New LexingtonPerry
New LexingtonTract 2 - New Lexington WoodsSold7.25New LexingtonPerry
New LexingtonTract 4 - New Lexington WoodsSold26.55New LexingtonPerry
New LexingtonTract 5 - New LexingtonSold12.50New LexingtonPerry
New LexingtonTract 6 - New Lexington WoodsSold17.00New LexingtonPerry
Perry RetreatTract 1 – Perry RetreatSold11.38New LexingtonPerry
Perry RetreatTract 3 - Perry RetreatSold5.33New LexingtonPerry
Perry RetreatTract 4 – Perry RetreatSold15.08New LexingtonPerry
Perry RetreatTract 5 - Perry RetreatSold12.57New LexingtonPerry
Perry RetreatTract 7 – Perry RetreatSold5.62New LexingtonPerry
Perry RidgeThe Ponds at Perry RidgeSold20.19New LexingtonPerry
Perry RidgeTract 2 - Perry RidgeSold21.70New LexingtonPerry
Perry RidgeTract 3 – Perry RidgeSold10.72New LexingtonPerry
Township Road 3243395 Township Road 324Sold5.00New LexingtonPerry
Township Road 3243471 Township Road 324Sold5.00New LexingtonPerry
Township Road 324Perry County Getaway CabinSold5.00New LexingtonPerry
TR195Hunters RidgeSold23.59New LexingtonPerry
TR195The Woods at Harmony PondSold62.66New LexingtonPerry
SomersetEast Somerset RetreatSold5.20RosevillePerry
Walnut MeadowsTract 8 at Walnut MeadowsSold5.01AshvillePickaway
Walnut MeadowsTract 9 at Walnut MeadowsSold5.03AshvillePickaway
Walnut MeadowsWalnut Meadows – Tract 4Sold7.44AshvillePickaway
Pike Forest4915 Auerville RdSold5.74BainbridgePike
Pike ForestThe Woods at Pike Forest - Tract 11Sold8.91BainbridgePike
Pike ForestTract 4 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.87BainbridgePike
Pike ForestTract 7 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.41BainbridgePike
Pike ForestTract 8 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.13BainbridgePike
Pike ForestTract 9 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.17BainbridgePike
Woods at Pike ForestThe Woods at Pike Forest - Tract 5Sold5.06BainbridgePike
Woods at Pike ForestTract 1 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.26BainbridgePike
Woods at Pike ForestTract 12 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold6.90BainbridgePike
Woods at Pike ForestTract 13 - Woods at Pike ForestSold15.13BainbridgePike
Woods at Pike ForestTract 2 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.00BainbridgePike
Woods at Pike ForestTract 6 - The Woods at Pike ForestSold5.24BainbridgePike
Camp CreekCamp Creek Getaway - Tract 6Sold13.74LucasvillePike
Camp CreekCreekside CottageSold5.54LucasvillePike
Camp CreekPole-Barn Cabin at Camp CreekSold9.80LucasvillePike
Camp CreekThe Cabin at Camp Creek RetreatSold6.88LucasvillePike
Camp CreekTract 2 The Ol' Swimmin' Hole at Camp Creek RetreatSold6.14LucasvillePike
Camp CreekTract 4 at Camp Creek RetreatSold5.44LucasvillePike
Camp CreekTract 7 at Camp Creek RetreatSold17.34LucasvillePike
Sunfish CreekGetaway Cabin at Sunfish CreekSold11.18PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekThe Cabin at Sunfish CreekSold16.20PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 10 - The Woods at Sunfish CreekSold5.59PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 11 - The Woods at Sunfish CreekSold5.03PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 12 at The Woods at Sunfish CreekSold5.05PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 3 - The Woods at Sunfish CreekSold10.51PIketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 4 - Sunfish CreekSold9.11PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 6 - Sunfish CreekSold9.31PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 7 - 9.9 Acres on Sunfish CreekSold9.87PiketonPike
Sunfish CreekTract 8 - The Woods at Sunfish CreekSold8.97PiketonPike
Leeth CreekCabin on the Hill at Leeth CreekSold20.90WaverlyPike
Potts HillTract 1 - The Woods at Potts HillSold7.37BainbridgeRoss
Potts HillTract 13 at Potts HillSold56.57BainbridgeRoss
Potts HillTract 2 - The Woods at Potts HillSold5.95BainbridgeRoss
Potts HillTract 6 - The Woods at Potts HillSold5.06BainbridgeRoss
Whetstone Road1088 Whetstone RdSold5.08BainbridgeRoss
Whetstone Road1282 Whetstone RoadSold6.60BainbridgeRoss
Whetstone Road1330 Whetstone RoadSold5.74BainbridgeRoss
Whetstone Road828 Whetstone RoadSold5.15BainbridgeRoss
Whetstone Road840 Whetstone RdSold5.34BainbridgeRoss
Black RunTract 7 at Black RunSold10.06ChillicotheRoss
Black RunTract 8 at Black RunSold7.14ChillicotheRoss
Black RunTract 9 at Black RunSold5.16ChillicotheRoss
Black Run 2Black RunSold20.63ChillicotheRoss
Egypt Pike4257 Egypt PikeSold14.96ChillicotheRoss
Egypt Pike4259 Egypt PikeSold8.43ChillicotheRoss
Egypt Pike4263 Egypt PikeSold5.00ChillicotheRoss
Egypt Pike4365 Egypt PikeSold7.68ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeEgypt Pike Farm Tract 1Sold8.30ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeEgypt Pike Farm Tract 3Sold5.53ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeEgypt Pike Farm Tract 8Sold8.61ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 10 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.55ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 11 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.10ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 2 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.33ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 4 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.17ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 6 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.72ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 7 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.57ChillicotheRoss
Egypt PikeTract 9 - Egypt Pike FarmSold5.66ChillicotheRoss
Old Tar HollowBig Timber Ridge at Tar HollowSold7.91ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 1 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold5.73ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 2 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold6.02ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 3 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold8.86ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 4 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold5.47ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 5 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold6.00ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 6 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold6.36ChillicotheRoss
Pleasant Valley WoodsTract 7 - Pleasant Valley WoodsSold6.61ChillicotheRoss
Tar HollowTract A - The Woods at Tar HollowSold10.21ChillicotheRoss
Tar HollowTract B - The Woods at Tar HollowSold6.24ChillicotheRoss
Tar HollowTract C - The Woods at Tar HollowSold7.01ChillicotheRoss
Union Pastures315 Union Lane SouthSold5.54ChillicotheRoss
Union PasturesTract 2 - Union PasturesSold5.77ChillicotheRoss
Union PasturesTract 3 - Union PasturesSold7.78ChillicotheRoss
Union PasturesTract 4 - Union PasturesSold5.40ChillicotheRoss
Union PasturesTract 7 - Union PasturesSold6.00ChillicotheRoss
Paint CreekPaint Creek ParadiseSold9.85FrankfortRoss
Whetstone Road1476 Whetstone RoadSold12.98South SalemRoss
Whetstone Road1721 N Benner Hill RdSold12.85South SalemRoss
Old UnionHunter’s Haven on WayneSold28.29IrontonScioto
Coon HollowCoon Hollow Tract 8Sold27.05LucasvilleScioto
Coon HollowSky View CabinSold25.93LucasvilleScioto
Coon HollowTract 1 - Coon HollowSold13.45LucasvilleScioto
Coon HollowTract 7 - Coon HollowSold27.64LucasvilleScioto
Scotts LawnTract 10 - Darby Farm at ScottslawnSold5.25MarysvilleUnion
Scotts LawnTract 11 - Darby Farm at ScottslawnSold8.37MarysvilleUnion
Scotts LawnTract 12 - Darby Farm at ScottslawnSold6.67MarysvilleUnion
Scotts LawnTract 3 - Darby Farm at Scottslawn Sold5.01MarysvilleUnion
Scotts LawnTract 5 - Darby Farm at ScottslawnSold5.20MarysvilleUnion
Scottslawn RdTract 2 at Darby Farm at ScottslawnSold13.06MarysvilleUnion
Scottslawn RdTract 4 at Darby Farm at Scottslawn Sold5.37MarysvilleUnion
Scottslawn RdTract 6 - Darby Farm at ScottslawnSold5.07MarysvilleUnion
Scottslawn RdTract 8 - Darby Farm at Scottslawn Sold12.03MarysvilleUnion
Siverly RidgeHidden Ridge Cabin at SiverlySold5.88McArthurVinton
Siverly RidgeLongview Cabin - The Views at Siverly RidgeSold6.75McArthurVinton
Siverly RidgeSaloon Cabin at SiverlySold9.26McArthurVinton
Siverly RidgeTract 24 - The Views at Siverly RidgeSold6.74McArthurVinton
Siverly RidgeTract 7 - The Views at Siverly RidgeSold11.59McArthurVinton
The Woods at Wheelabout CreekTract 1 - The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold8.35McArthurVinton
The Woods at Wheelabout CreekTract 4 - 12 Acre Retreat, Flat Run RoadSold11.75McArthurVinton
The Woods at Wheelabout CreekTract 7 - The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold5.36McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekCreek View Cabin at Zaleski - Wheelabout 2Sold5.20McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekGetaway Cabin - Tract 13 at Wheelabout CreekSold7.58McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekState Forest Cabin Tract 8 - Wheelabout CreekSold5.01McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekThe Woods at Wheelabout Creek - Tract 14Sold7.60McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekTract 12 at The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold15.52McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekTract 15 - w/ Shelter House on Wheelabout CreekSold5.05McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekTract 16 - The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold5.04McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekTract 5 at The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold5.36McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekTract 6 - The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold5.01McArthurVinton
Wheelabout CreekTract 9 - The Woods at Wheelabout CreekSold5.50McArthurVinton
Old Shurtz Rd66433 Old Shurtz RdSold5.62New PlymouthVinton
Huston HillsGrandview Cabin at Huston HillsSold5.20RadcliffVinton
Huston HillsOverlook Cabin at Huston HillsSold5.01RadcliffVinton
Huston HillsTract 1 - Huston HillsSold5.28RadcliffVinton
Huston HillsTract 18 - Huston HillsSold5.08RadcliffVinton
Clary RdStream View CabinSold6.84RayVinton
Clary RdTract 2 - Clary RdSold5.36RayVinton
Clary RdTract 3 - Clary RdSold6.67RayVinton
Wayne National Forest AreaHidden Valley Retreat on WayneSold16.87New MatamorasWashington
Wayne National Forest AreaValley View Camp on WayneSold11.67New MatamorasWashington

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