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Available and In Contract Listings

Project NameTract #NameAvailabilityPriceAcreageCityCounty
115 King Ave.King AveIn Contract$79,9000.37PataskalaLicking
Back Run1Tract 1 - Muskingum WoodsAvailable$54,9005.06PhiloMuskingum
Back Run3Tract 3 - Muskingum WoodsAvailable$62,9006.93PhiloMuskingum
Back Run4Hawk’s View Cabin Available$99,9006.53PhiloMuskingum
Black Run8Tract 8 at Black RunAvailable$43,9007.14ChillicotheRoss
Harrison RoadAStone Bluff WoodsAvailable$134,90011.00JacksonJackson
Huston HillsTract 18 - Huston HillsAvailable$39,9005.08RadcliffVinton
Perry Ridge 21Lot 1 at Perry Ridge SubdivisionAvailable$39,9002.90CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 23Black Diamond Cabin at Perry RidgeAvailable$119,9005.28CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 25Lot 5 at Perry Ridge SubdivisionAvailable$59,9006.18CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 28Lot 8 at Perry Ridge SubdivisionAvailable$89,9008.95CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2ATract A at Perry RidgeAvailable$129,90020.24CrooksvilleMuskingum
Perry Ridge 2ABlue Bird Cabin at Perry RidgeIn Contract$89,9002.23CrooksvillePerry
Potts Hill1Tract 1 - The Woods at Potts HillIn Contract$59,9007.37BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill2Tract 2 - The Woods at Potts HillAvailable$49,9005.95BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill5Tract 5 - The Woods at Potts HillAvailable$64,9007.25BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill6Tract 6 - The Woods at Potts HillAvailable$54,9005.06BainbridgeRoss
Tar HollowATract A - The Woods at Tar HollowIn Contract$89,50010.21ChillicotheRoss
Walnut MeadowsTract 9 at Walnut MeadowsAvailable$239,9005.03AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows7Tract 7 at Walnut MeadowsAvailable$849,90032.39AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows8Tract 8 at Walnut MeadowsAvailable$229,9005.01AshvillePickaway
Winner Lane4Tract 4 – Bobcat Cabin at The Woods at Winner LaneIn Contract$129,90012.08StewartAthens
Winner Lane519393 Winner Lane - Winner LnAvailable$89,90010.20StewartAthens
Zangmeister2.483 Ac Salem Church RoadAvailable$179,9002.48Canal WinchesterFairfield

Sold Listings

Project NameTract #NameAvailabilityPriceAcreageCityCounty
Black Run7Tract 7 at Black RunSold$59,90010.06ChillicotheRoss
Black Run9Tract 9 at Black RunSold$39,9005.16ChillicotheRoss
Creek View1Tract 1 - Creek ViewSold$114,90011.49LoganHocking
Creek View4Tract 4 at Creek View FarmsSold$109,90011.69LoganHocking
Creek View5Tract 5 - Creek ViewSold$94,9007.81LoganHocking
Featherstone Creekview2Tract 2 at CreekviewSold$64,9005.05StewartAthens
Featherstone Creekview3Freedom View CabinSold$124,9005.27StewartAthens
Featherstone Creekview4Lot 4 at Creekview RetreatSold$59,9005.70StewartAthens
Harrison Road1Tract 1 at Harrison RoadSold$55,9005.39JacksonJackson
Harrison Road2Tract 2 at Harrison RoadSold$57,9006.48JacksonJackson
Harrison Road3Tract 3 at The Woods at Harrison RoadSold$85,9008.16JacksonJackson
Harrison Road5Timber View Cabin at Harrison RoadSold$97,9005.01JacksonJackson
Harrison Road6Tract 6 at The Woods at Harrison RoadSold$49,5005.18JacksonJackson
Harrison Road7Serenity Woods Cabin at Harrison RoadSold$129,9007.35JacksonJackson
Possum Trot3Tract 3 – Possum TrotSold$49,9005.60GallipolisGallia
Possum Trot4Tract 4 – Possum TrotSold$44,9007.50GallipolisGallia
Possum Trot5Whitetail Retreat at Possum TrotSold$89,90021.84GallipolisGallia
Possum Trot6Hunter’s HideawaySold$67,90017.82GallipolisGallia
Possum Trot7The Cave at Oil HollowSold$59,90010.72GallipolisGallia
Tar HollowBTract B - The Woods at Tar HollowSold$74,9006.24ChillicotheRoss
Tar HollowCTract C - The Woods at Tar HollowSold$69,9007.01ChillicotheRoss
Winner Lane2Tract 2 - Winner LaneSold$67,9006.23StewartAthens
Winner Lane3Serenity Cabin at Winner LaneSold$109,5005.63StewartAthens

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