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Available and In Contract Listings

Project NameTract #NameAvailabilityPriceAcreageCityCounty
115 King Ave.King AveAvailable$74,9000.37PataskalaLicking
Blue Creek1Tract 1 - The Woods at Blue CreekAvailable$128,9008.40South BloomingvilleHocking
Caves Keystone1Tract 1 - The Caves at KeystoneAvailable$49,9006.62JacksonJackson
Caves Keystone3Tract 3 - The Caves at KeystoneAvailable$89,90011.67JacksonJackson
Chase McGrath7Tract 7 – McGrath RoadAvailable$59,9005.08AthensAthens
Flint Ridge18 Acre4313 Flint Ridge RoadAvailable$159,90018.00CrooksvillePerry
Glade Run1Tract 1 Glade RunAvailable$29,9003.31WellstonJackson
Glade Run2Tract 2 - Glade RunAvailable$23,9002.20WellstonJackson
Harrison RoadBWhitetail Ridge at Harrison RoadAvailable$97,90010.93JacksonJackson
Huston Hills13ACheap Dirt - Tract 13A – Huston HillsIn Contract$24,9002.54RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills15Tract 15 - Huston HillsIn Contract$49,9005.04RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills3Dream Starter Cabin at Huston HillsAvailable$119,90017.84AlbanyVinton
Huston Hills5Tract 5 – Huston HillsAvailable$49,9005.35RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills8Tract 8 - Huston HillsAvailable$109,90015.73RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills9A-Frame of Mind Cabin at Huston HillsIn Contract$69,9005.45RadcliffVinton
KeystoneEscapeKeystone EscapeAvailable$59,9007.92JacksonJackson
Perry Retreat29955 Township Road 314 SEIn Contract$259,9005.03New LexingtonPerry
Perry Ridge 26Lot 6 at Perry RidgeIn Contract$52,9005.08CrooksvillePerry
Potts Hill7Blue Jay CabinAvailable$89,9006.20BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill8Tract 8 - The Woods at Potts HillAvailable$69,9006.23BainbridgeRoss
Pounds Road2Tract 2 at Pounds RoadAvailable$129,90020.80ChesterhillMorgan
Scenic Meadows2Lot 2 at Scenic View SubdivisionAvailable$42,9002.88CrooksvillePerry
Scenic View21Lot 21 at Scenic View SubdivisionIn Contract$48,9002.52CrooksvillePerry
Scenic View3Lot 3 at Scenic View SubdivisionIn Contract$48,9003.79CrooksvillePerry
Scenic View4Lot 4 at Scenic View SubdivisionIn Contract$42,9002.77CrooksvillePerry
Scenic View6Lot 6 at Scenic View SubdivisionIn Contract$45,9003.10CrooksvillePerry
Walnut Meadows10Walnut Meadows – Tract 10Available$599,90024.04AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows2Tract 2 - Walnut MeadowsAvailable$399,90012.70AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows6Tract 6 – Walnut MeadowsAvailable$299,90010.10AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows7Tract 7 at Walnut MeadowsIn Contract$824,90032.39AshvillePickaway
Woods Wayne Forest15Tract 15 at The Woods on Wayne National ForestAvailable$39,9005.00PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest2Tract 2 at The Woods on Wayne National ForestAvailable$99,90011.13PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest23Tract 23 at The Woods on Wayne National ForestIn Contract$64,9005.08PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest3The Barns and Caves on Wayne National ForestAvailable$139,90011.77PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest4Tract 4 at The Woods on Wayne National ForestAvailable$59,9006.59PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest5Tract 5 at The Woods on Wayne National ForestAvailable$49,9005.21PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest6Tract 6 at The Woods on Wayne National ForestAvailable$49,9005.07PatriotGallia
Woods Wayne Forest7Stone Wall Creek Available$119,90014.19PatriotGallia
Zangmeister122.769 Ac Salem Church RdAvailable$179,9002.76Canal WinchesterFairfield

Sold Listings

Project NameTract #NameAvailabilityPriceAcreageCityCounty
Blue Creek2Tract 2 - The Woods at Blue CreekSold$124,9005.55BloomingvilleHocking
Blue Creek3Tract 3 - The Woods at Blue CreekSold$139,9006.35South BloomingvilleHocking
Blue Creek5Tract 5 - Blue CreekSold$149,9007.58South BloomingvilleHocking
Blue Creek6Tract 6 - The Woods at Blue CreekSold$124,9005.96South BloomingvilleHocking
Chase McGrath1Tract 1 – Chase RoadSold$64,9005.06AthensAthens
Chase McGrath2Tract 2 – The Cave on Chase RoadSold$72,9005.67AthensAthens
Chase McGrath3Tract 3 – McGrath Rd & Chase RdSold$72,9007.30AthensAthens
Chase McGrath6Tract 6 - McGrath RoadSold$119,90014.15AthensAthens
Chase McGrath8Tract 8 – McGrath RoadSold$57,9005.01AthensAthens
Flint Ridge22 Acre22 Ac Flint RidgeSold$164,90021.85CrooksvillePerry
Hull Road1790 Hull RoadSold$229,9005.00PatriotGallia
Huston Hills1Tract 1 - Huston HillsSold$29,9005.28RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills10Tract 10 – Huston HillsSold$69,9007.45RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills11Tract 11 – Huston HillsSold$139,90018.60RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills12Overlook Cabin at Huston HillsSold$74,9005.01RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills13bTract 13B – Huston HillsSold$29,9002.50RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills14Huston Hills Retreat CabinSold$89,9005.33RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills16Tract 16 - Huston HillsSold$59,9006.84RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills17aTract 17a at Huston HillsSold$29,9003.48RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills18Tract 18 - Huston HillsSold$39,9005.08RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills2Grandview Cabin at Huston HillsSold$79,9005.20RadcliffVinton
Huston Hills7Vinton Furnace Retreat CabinSold$89,9005.08RadcliffVinton
Perry RetreatHouse1276 Township Road 312 SESold$314,9003.00New LexingtonPerry
Perry Ridge 21Lot 1 at Perry RidgeSold$34,9002.90CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 210Blue Bird Cabin at Perry RidgeSold$69,9002.23CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 22Tract 2 - Perry RidgeSold$37,9003.10CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 23Black Diamond Cabin at Perry RidgeSold$99,9005.28CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 25Lot 5 at Perry RidgeSold$54,9006.18CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 27Sunrise Cabin at Perry RidgeSold$89,9005.11CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 28Lot 8 at Perry RidgeSold$79,9008.95CrooksvillePerry
Perry Ridge 2ATract A at Perry RidgeSold$129,90020.24CrooksvilleMuskingum
Potts Hill1Tract 1 - The Woods at Potts HillSold$59,9007.37BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill13Tract 13 at Potts HillSold$230,00056.57BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill2Tract 2 - The Woods at Potts HillSold$49,9005.95BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill3Tract 3 - The Woods at Potts HillSold$44,9005.15BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill5Tract 5 - The Woods at Potts HillSold$64,9007.25BainbridgeRoss
Potts Hill6Tract 6 - The Woods at Potts HillSold$54,9005.06BainbridgeRoss
Scenic View1Lot 1 at Scenic View SubdivisionSold$49,9003.86CrooksvillePerry
Scenic View13Lot 13 at Scenic View SubdivisionSold$64,9005.13CrooksvillePerry
Scenic View5Lot 5 at Scenic View SubdivisionSold$44,9003.31CrooksvillePerry
Tar HollowATract A - The Woods at Tar HollowSold$79,90010.21ChillicotheRoss
Tar HollowBTract B - The Woods at Tar HollowSold$74,9006.24ChillicotheRoss
Tar HollowCTract C - The Woods at Tar HollowSold$69,9007.01ChillicotheRoss
Walnut Meadows3Walnut Meadows – Tract 3Sold$274,9009.57AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows4Walnut Meadows – Tract 4Sold$249,9007.44AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows8Tract 8 at Walnut MeadowsSold$199,9005.01AshvillePickaway
Walnut Meadows9Tract 9 at Walnut MeadowsSold$239,9005.03AshvillePickaway
Zangmeister122.483 Ac Salem Church RoadSold$179,9002.48Canal WinchesterFairfield

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